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God, My Protector


I want to thank God for proving that he is an awesome God. This Year being our year of overflowing favor, Pastor declared that we will not sorrow over our loved ones and our loved ones will not sorrow over us....


​Debt Cancellation


God moves in mysterious ways to perform His wonders and I want to thank Him for confirming His word of prophecy for this year, our covenant year of Good news. I had my degree from Phoenix University, but was not given my diploma because I still owe the school part of my tuition...More


God's love lifted me


In the year 2013, God did some amazing things in my life; Praise God for He is worthy to be praised! Prov. 1:5 (KJV) states: “A wise man will hear and will increase learning; and a man of understating shall attain unto wise counsels.”..More

I am debt free!


God has been so good to me. In May 2007, I was injured at work and had to do series of major surgeries right up to January 2013. From 2007-2013; I lost my job, my house, investments and some other things. It seems there was no way out because all the creditor...More


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