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Debt Cancellation


God moves in mysterious ways to perform His wonders and I want to thank Him for confirming His word of prophecy for this year, our covenant year of Good news.


I had my degree from Phoenix University, but was not given my diploma because I still owe the school part of my tuition. I made a payment arrangement but wasn’t able to meet up with the arrangement so it was turned over to collection.


On the 25th of April, I got a call from Avante, a debt collection company for Phoenix University. I was told that they are willing to make a deal with me regarding my delinquent loan balance with the university, that if I can come up with $400 by the end of the month, the rest of my balance will be cancelled and my diploma will be released to me. It sounded too good to be true, so I ask my husband to talk with the lady and it was confirmed that they are willing to waive over $14,000 and release my diploma. I told her that I can come up with the money in two weeks, that she should give me till the middle of May and that she should send a signed agreement detailing what she just told me and she agreed.


Today, I have my diploma and a debt of over $14,000.00 was written off. To God be all the glory. - S. O.

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