God, My Protector


I want to thank God for proving that he is an awesome God. 


This Year being our year of overflowing favor, Pastor declared that we will not sorrow over our loved ones and our loved ones will not sorrow over us. The Easter season was pretty intense with preparations and while participating, I intentionally did not take off from work because I did not think it was necessary. I worked Friday night, after work I did some errands then went straight to the church for rehearsals. By 3 pm I excused myself from rehearsal because I needed to rest at least for 2 hours before going to work. So I left and drove home. 

On my way home on the freeway I started getting sleepy, but I kept on managing and waking myself up. Then I got to my exit ramp and that was the last thing I remembered. The next thing I saw was that my car had come to a halt and a woman had gotten out of her car and was banging on my window. I woke up from this deep sleep and realized my car had stopped at the exit with all these cars behind me. How it stopped I don’t know. How I got there I don’t know. All I know was that I was terrified but at the same time I had just witnessed one of the greatest deliverance of my life.


My heart rejoices and I am glad I was in the house of the lord. One thing became clear once you are in God’s purpose his protection and covering becomes your portion...To God be the Praise.  -V.  N.

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