Prior to volunteering and participating in the various auxilary areas, you are encouraged to become an official member of DICLA, and complete the discipleship class DL100.


Dominion Discipleship Classes are...

  • Derived from the Dominion Lifestyle Development Institute

  • Designed to help build a strong foundation in Christ, which is necessary in order to experience God's total plan in life! 

  • Designed to help you get connected to God, the Church, Peoples and the Community.


This class is available for those who have recently made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Believers foundation class is the next important step towards establishing a strong Christian base.


Deepen your faith and discover exciting new tools to use everyday as you grow to understand the wonderful plan that God has for you as a believer. Believers foundation class is designed to help build a strong foundation in Christ, which is necessary in order to experience God’s total plan in life. Water Baptism is also encouraged for those who desires to do so after the completion of the class.


A preparatory class for baptism takes place the week prior to the Baptism day.If you recently accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, please consider attending this class so that you can become all that God has destined for you to be in Him!


Got Questions?

About Believers Foundation Class? Discipleship Class? Becoming a member of Dominion International Center, Los Angeles, give us at 323-345-1290 or submit your question here.



The class is a comprehensive discipleship program that is designed to help build a strong foundation in Christ.  A strong Christian foundation is necessary in order to experience God’s total plan for one’s life. The institute comprises of five Dominion Lifestyle levels (DL 100 – DL 500) of detailed Bible instruction to mold new DIC members into disciples of Jesus Christ.



To turn converts into disciples and to train disciples to become vibrant members of the body of Christ.




Through the discipleship program, you can expect to:

  • Become firmly grounded in the fundamentals of Christianity.

  • Have a solid bible based foundation upon which to build your great destiny.

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the redemptive work of Jesus Christ and thus be equipped to live as a more effective witness for Him.

  • Experience a more intimate relationship with the Lord.

  • Discover and understand your covenant blessings as well as responsibilities as a believer.

  • Discover how you can maximize your God-given gifts and talents.

  • Fully understand the unique God-given purpose of Dominion International Center and how you can help accomplish this mission.



Five Levels of The Discipleship Classes is:

  • DL100 - Membership classes

  • DL200 - Maturing In God's service

  • DL300 - Discovering My Ministry

  • DL400 - Discovering My Destiny



One of the most frequently asked questions relating to the topic of church membership is..."Why should I join the church, anyway?After all, it makes no difference, I can still go to church and participate in all the activities without feeling tied down or committed." The last word in that quote is the first reason to join the church - COMMITMENT.


Q. What is church membership?

Church membership is a commitment to unite with an identifiable body of believers who have joined together geographically for specific, Christ ordained purposes. These purposes include:


  • Receiving instruction from God's Word.

  • Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

  • Serving and edifying one another through the proper use of spiritual gifts.

  • Participating in the ordinances-baptism and Holy communion.

  • Proclaiming the gospel to non-believers.



Q. What are the benefits of church membership?

There are many obvious benefits to being a formal member of DIC.

  • Membership Care - this is the loving accountability that a body of believers provides. At times we all experience the propensity to drift spiritually, but God uses the care of the leaders and other members of the body to shepherd and restore us to fellowship. In this way, the local church provides for each of us an umbrella of spiritual protection


  • ​Leadership Development - being a member provides the opportunity for members to pursue and serve in positions of leadership in the body, such as pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist, small group leader, worship leader, etc.


  • ​Membership Privileges - members are eligible to obtain various services from the church, including biblical counseling, weddings, baby naming ceremony, baby dedication, house and business dedication, funerals and financial assistance etc.


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