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This class is available for those who have recently made a commitment to follow Jesus Christ. Believers foundation class is the next important step towards establishing a strong Christian base.


Deepen your faith and discover exciting new tools to use everyday as you grow to understand the wonderful plan that God has for you as a believer. Believers foundation class is designed to help build a strong foundation in Christ, which is necessary in order to experience God’s total plan in life. Water Baptism is also encouraged for those who desires to do so after the completion of the class.


This class is available for those who 

A preparatory class for baptism takes place the week prior to the Baptism day.If you recently accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, please consider attending this class so that you can become all that God has destined for you to be in Him!


Got Questions?

About Believers Foundation Class? Give us at 323-345-1290 or submit your question here.



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