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One of the most frequently asked questions relating to the topic of church membership is..."Why should I join the church, anyway?After all, it makes no difference, I can still go to church and participate in all the activities without feeling tied down or committed." The last word in that quote is the first reason to join the church - COMMITMENT.


Q. What is church membership?

Church membership is a commitment to unite with an identifiable body of believers who have joined together geographically for specific, Christ ordained purposes. These purposes include:


  • Receiving instruction from God's Word.

  • Equipping the saints for the work of the ministry.

  • Serving and edifying one another through the proper use of spiritual gifts.

  • Participating in the ordinances-baptism and Holy communion.

  • Proclaiming the gospel to non-believers.


Q. What are the benefits of church membership?

There are many obvious benefits to being a formal member of DIC.

  • Membership Care - this is the loving accountability that a body of believers provides. At times we all experience the propensity to drift spiritually, but God uses the care of the leaders and other members of the body to shepherd and restore us to fellowship. In this way, the local church provides for each of us an umbrella of spiritual protection


  • ​Leadership Development - being a member provides the opportunity for members to pursue and serve in positions of leadership in the body, such as pastor, teacher, prophet, evangelist, small group leader, worship leader, etc.


  • ​Membership Privileges - members are eligible to obtain various services from the church, including biblical counseling, weddings, baby naming ceremony, baby dedication, house and business dedication, funerals and financial assistance etc.​


Got Questions?

About Becoming a member of Dominion International Center, Los Angeles, give us at 323-345-1290 or submit your question here.




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